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Monetizing the time-value of money, HEX is the first blockchain Certificate of Deposit, designed to significantly appreciate and earn average 40% APY interest.

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HEX is an token, fully automated in the form of a smart contract on the Ethereum & PulseChain blockchains. Users can time-lock (stake) their tokens and expect to be rewarded in HEX based on their level of commitment. The longer stake yield higher returns. New HEX minted by the smart contract with static yearly inflation of 3.69%

HEX is a cryptocurrency in the Decentralized Finance sector, developed to replace the global trillion dollar banking service of Certificates of Deposit (CD). It is a new way to monetize the time-value of money (i.e. pay your future self) and the first of its kind on the blockchain. Also known as Time Deposits, CDs pay higher interest than savings accounts, requiring money be deposited for a fixed time at your bank. But the benefits of using HEX instead of the bank’s service is the flexibility to set time deposits on your own terms, earn trustless high interest, and participate in positive-price game theory. Ranked a top 10 cryptocurrency, over $30 billion is currently staked, with an average stake length of 5 years, paying a variable 40% APY. This kind of verifiable onchain commitment seen in HEX is unprecedented in cryptocurrency. The scarcity of this token makes price extremely sensitive and during its first year of inception, it outperformed every asset in 2020, appreciating 352x over the dollar. After 20 months of exsistence HEX did 4000X, outpacing BTC and BTC in its 20 months of exsistence. So far, HEX is a better store of value than Bitcoin, and more of the supply gets locked up every day. But HEX is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme, it is very much a long term investment and nothing is guaranteed.

HEX addressed a larger market than Bitcoin, between just the US and China there is $5 trillion of currency printed versus $7.2 trillion locked in time deposits. HEX also processes payments better (high through-put, cheaper, more secure with available anonymity) and is designed to become the most appreciating asset in human history. HEX has no AML/KYC, no signup, you mint your own rewards - just like Bitcoin miners mint their own rewards, and yield is generated from inflation in the real world, HEX stakers generate their own interest, you are your own bank. HEX embraces proof-of-stake.

The primary value-proposition in HEX is it generates scarcity and positive price pressure througth the delay of gratification. This is similar to virtual lending in that stakers lock their coins up, decreasing the market supply, and applying upward price pressure which can only be harvested by those who hold liquid coins. And the premium liquid holders are paying for the ability to harvest that appreciation, is that they are being dilluted by the inflation that the staker class is receiving (3.69% annually if everyone is staked). Unlike Bitcoin holders, which are negatively impacted by inflation, as it is used to reduce the price to cover mining costs, inflation in HEX is a profit-center to stakers. Watch a layman's explanation of HEX or this explanatory interview.

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Earn interest while price increases

In addition to owning the HEX token, users can stake their tokens for a user-specified time. Staking means creating a digital time deposit in order to earn interest. The longer users stake their tokens, the higher the returns will be. Emergency ending stakes penalizes users while handsomely rewarding completed contracts whilst the value of all tokens increase over time due to the price-positive game theory. Using HEX to create blockchain time deposits works similar to the traditional finance system, except HEX pays trustless interest with no counterparty risk (executing peer-to-peer on the blockchain) and appreciates much more. Watch this to learn about laddering stakes and the invaluable HEX shares. Currently, over $30 billion dollars worth of HEX tokens are staked by over 270k addresses, locked for an average of 5 years per stake.

Imagine if Bitcoin paid its holders with more Bitcoin for committing to not sell for time periods of their choosing: a time deposit. Now imagine if committing to longer time periods paid even better, and when others break their commitments those who keep theirs receive even more Bitcoin. What would overall net buying and selling activity look like? Removing tokens from the circulating supply is a key design feature to positively influence demand pressures on supply. HEX is also the first cryptocurrency with a chart of future sellable supply (bar chart of expiring stakes over time can be viewed at the bottom). This secures buyers confidence in the future value of their investment and virtually lends value from stakers to non-stakers as staking reduces supply causing upward price pressure of unstaked coins.

There is a complex incentive structure within the HEX ecosystem designed to motivate, or to prevent, specific behaviors. Users can maintain the flexibility to remain liquid and speculate, or save themselves from FOMO and stake. Fewer stakers means higher interest. More stakers means less circulating supply, which prevents crashing HEX price, as the liquidity is predictable and staggered, as end stakes' available is viewable on the blockchain. The flexibility to customize time deposit duration and quantity is immensely valuable for different time frame investors, with varying starting capital, investment aspirations and strategies. HEX is a finished product designed to richly reward participants, of any size, in ways no cryptocurrency ever has. View expanded use cases and listen to the pitch from the founder of HEX, Richard Heart.

Designed to Appreciate HEX is here to stay long term! There is currently over $30 billion worth of stakes locked for an average of 5 years.


My Story

I have been a cryptocurrency investor since 2017 but I have never been more excited about a crypto project than HEX ever before. I am especially passionate about the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector and how revolutionary it can become for the betterment of humanity in an effort to replace bank products. In a hyper-inflationary global economic environment I believe investors need to be cognizant of maintaining the growth of their savings from the continued diminishment of purchasing power. And young people, especially, need to be enlightened on better ways to make their money work for them. HEX is a powerful hedge for the dilution of the dollar and the purest form of democratized money with an interesting gamified incentive structure which teaches people smarter investing and delayed gratification - all tried-and-true elements of wealth creation in crypto: hodling. The successful among us bargain with the future,

“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the indispensable prerequisite for success.”
- Brian Tracy

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HEX is changing lives

HEX is the fastest appreciating crypto-asset ever invented. BTC did 6,000,000X in 12 years, ETH did 40,000X in 6 years and HEX did 4000X in only 20 months, outpacing BTC and ETH in its first 20 months of existence. So far, HEX is a better store of value than Bitcoin, and more of the supply gets locked up every day. The contract is immutable: there are no updates, no middlemen, no managers, or admin keys in HEX.

Frequently Asked Questions

People use the word “ponzi” incorrectly all the time. Ponzis, Pyramid schemes, and speculative bubbles are usually different. A ponzi promises high returns which it sustains for a while by stealing from the principal of new depositors to pay the returns to older depositors, but fails when it can't meet its obligations. With Hex you mint your own rewards (interest derived directly from inflation), and always maintain custody of your assets (no need to give your coins to a middleman in return for yield). You control your coins and keys at all times. Regarding ignorant people calling it a pyramid scheme; a pyramid scheme mas multiple levels, tends to put many middle men between product and user, and often has weak retail sales but strong referral sales. Which HEX has none of these attributes. Why pyramid schemes SUCK! by Richard Heart and Why HEX is not a scam by Richard Heart.
No. All market leaders share a similar path, the top 2 cryptocurrencies experienced the worst verbal abuse in their early days. It was common to see Bitcoin scam or Ethereum scam voiced ignorantly and unintelligently in the early days. History often rhymes, and one cannot help but note HEX scam being voiced by many influencers who have never researched it. Ironically, much the same as Bitcoin and Ethereums’ early days, the only scam appears to be the false labels preventing many from investing in a bona fide product at opportune times. Hex is not a scam, but instead one of the most transparent and honest cryptocurrencies available today. Hex is complete and its code is immutable. Hex has no off switch - the contract will outlive you and me. Hex has no management, no middleman, no roadmaps or promises. The majority of Hex trading is decentralized and transparent on Uniswap with all transactions verifiable on-chain (no wash trading as common on centralized exchanges faking high volume). Hex offers full transparency over locked future market supply. Hex has no multi-level marketing or referrals. Hex has two independent security audits and one economics audit. Hex is censorship-resistant, and robust by being truly decentralized on the blockchain. See the full list of rebuttals at hex.com/scam.
HEX was invented by serial entrepreneur and early Bitcoin adopter, Richard Heart. Today Richard is a well-versed proponent of blockchain innovation and stimulating thought leader and champion across a panoply of subject matter. With his inspiring stage presence (pre-HEX-launch keynote) and candidly streamed interviews. It’s important to note that though HEX is a product Richard developed, with the help of a few blockchain smart contract developers, the code is complete, publicly visible and immutable, nothing would change if Richard were to die tomorrow or if the websites facilitating the HEX smart contract user interactions were to go offline. HEX will survive beyond our lifetimes.
HEX’s life-changing wealth creation comes with extreme price volatility. Many successful investors have had to withstand harsh price fluctuations. On its way to 2,000,000x returns in 7 years the Bitcoin price dipped 93%, 95%, 82%, and 84%, on some exchanges it flash crashed as close to zero as possible. Amazon dropped 95% once too. Now it's 50% of all Internet sales in the USA. In its first year, HEX's price has dipped 80%, 74%, 60%, 66%, 88% and then gone on to make new all time highs. Price dips are often opportunities for the impatient to give their money to the patient. HEX's large price movements up and down are a feature, not a bug. People that buy tops and sell bottoms hand their money to those that buy bottoms and sell tops. The impatient pay the patient.
Interest is derived from fixed 3.69% inflation on unstaked and staked HEX that is daily divided among stakers proportional to their effective HEX. The daily paid interest is derived from principal plus longer and bigger pays better bonuses. This allows you to gain a larger percent of the interest pool and the “early” and “late” end stake penalties pool of which 1/2 daily goes to stakers thus increasing interest that day. This is why those with longer stakes have higher daily interest than those with shorter stakes. Presently, interest/APY for a 1 yr stake is about 13%, 5 yr stake is about 40%, 10+ yr stakes is about 63% and varied APY between these example time increments. The APY is dynamic interest based on staked proportional percentage to the total HEX supply. Currently about 10% all HEX is staked, yielding about 40% for the 5.2 yrs averages stakes. But the yield would vary based on each stake length and the total staked supply, for example, if 100% of all HEX was staked, the interest would be 3.69% APY.
Yes! The security of a crypto currency is crucial to avoid investors losing millions of dollars. Most other cryptocurrency projects do not take their security seriously enough and end up with significant losses. Richard Heart (HEX founder) even maintains an active Twitter thread of the latest scams, hacks and exploits occurring with other cryptocurrencies. Unlike HEX, almost every other crypto project is not complete and is vulnerable to significant user loss. Even so, millions of dollars are still pumped into other cryptocurrencies everyday. Bitcoin has had two major exploits which could have been very devastating in the wrong hands. HEX has successfully passed a security audit and economics audit by COINFABRIK as well as an economics audit by an independent mathematician.
Yes, HEX attracts some of the most friendly people in the crypto space. The largest medium of HEX users is on the Telegram app and hosts more than twenty-six thousands users. The Youtube community is also vibrant, with different members hosting nightly talk shows discussing HEX. The first HEX virtual conference at the start of the year is also very informative.
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